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Churches and ministers of the Gospel

My friend Jared Warner blogs his sermons, and his experience as a Friends minister.

Karla is a well loved public Friend, involved in FWCC and is the love of my life.

Emporia Friends keeps a sermon and schedule blog. The pastor and her family are a good friends of mine, and a deep and impressive thinker, anyone who wants to do devotional reading should read Charity’s sermons.

Mike Neifert is pastor at Pratt Friends. Mike provides thoughtful posts about scriptural interpretation and practical theology and is also an avid cyclist.

Micah Bales is a Christ centered Friend holding a Master of Divinity, interested in connecting with the wider Christian community, and with personal ties to FUM, EFCi, FGC, and Ohio Yearly meeting. Currently, Micah is active in starting a new independent meeting for worship in Washington DC, and is a member of Ohio Yearly Meeting.

Nate Macy is a musician, a public Friend, and the son of weighty Friend Howard Macy of North West Yearly meeting. His thoughtful comments deserve consideration. His music is fun.

Quaker Maps shows how to find Friends in North America and Europe. I had started some similar mapping for my own purposes — but this project is much nicer.

Quaker Quaker is a religious web community that features Quaker articles. From time to time, they link to me.

Blogs that link to me

I have not met any of these bloggers, but they link to me, so if you are curious about the writing style of people who like my poems — this would be a good place to check. Some of them are very talented.

Online Libraries:

CCEL is on online Christian library. The site used to be easy to navigate, unfortunately it has changed from a hypertext system to a web-application. The volunteer editors have been careful to give original publication information, including page breaks so books found at CCEL can be cited properly in an academic paper. The fact that the books are marked to a named print edition almost makes up for the foolish choice of making a web-application reader.

New Advent is a Roman Catholic internet library, which includes many writings from the early church, the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Holy Scriptures, and various modern essays. This library takes good advantage of hyperlinks, and it easy to navigate.

Quaker Heritage Press
maintains on-line versions of their line. They offer print and online versions of a small number of otherwise out-of print Quaker books. I disagree with the owners of the press on several points, most notably the Farmington Maine prophecy, but I am grateful for their scholarship and their work in preparing and printing these neglected volumes.

Project Gutenberg is another electronic library, produced by volunteers. This is full of fiction, literature, and many popular books. The site is not academic in nature — but, instead focus on the fun of reading. While this site is not as good as the local public library, it is still highly recommended.

Librivox is an online audio-book library, all human read. This is a wonderful service to all who can listen. The only way that it is less than perfect is that often every chapter has the legal small print attached. Wish list
For those crazy people who think they need to buy me things (like my little brother), I have registered some things I’d like on you can see my wishlist.


The owners of the NET translation have kindly given me permission to quote their Bible in my blogged sermons. Their general license can be found here The NET Bible® is freely available