Books and longer writings.

Minutes of Deer Creek Monthly meeting (Grant County Indiana) 1843–1856 Transcribed both men’s and women’s minutes. If we do not preserve our history, we will lose it — this is source material, now public for all to read.

2003 A Year in Verse: A collection of Poetry about the year 2003. It includes news items and personal experiences.

The Christian Faith: An adult Sunday School class teaching the basics of Christian doctrine. This little book goes through the Nicene creed point by point. I gave this class at Hutchinson Friends Church in partial requirements for my Master of Arts degree.

Essays and other shorter works
A short work, written while I was attempting to write a poem about a painting. This essay is still unedited — and likely will remain unfinished, however if any are interested, it tells a little about how I see art and poetry.

A paper on Fasting written for Dr. James Smith of Friends University. There is also a somewhat prettier PDF for printing

An unpublished Essay offering advice to church leadership about accountability and preventing personality cults from forming. Likely, I attempted to say too much, and said it too strongly.

A translation of Ephesians