Reading Psalm 105

Praise God for a history of blessings
We have such a long history
God has blessed us time and again
Let us remember:

Sometimes even survival seems impossible
Tomorrow’s breath seems like it will be a miracle
Yet somehow there is enough
I still breathe

It seems that there is no justice in the world
The good work so that the evil may prosper
Yet somehow there is still Good in the world
And there is hope for both justice and redemption

There are great stories from generations past
Whole societies being turned on their heads
There are stories of slavery being ended
God’s justice poured out upon the oppressors

The stories seem so far removed
It feels like there are so few left
The prophets say it was because we forgot
Are there blessings in Babylon?

Yet even here there is survival
Though we are under foreign rule, we hold on
Our history tells us that God saves God’s people
And we sing: “Even though, it is well with my soul.”

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