Introduction to ‘thoughts on Vocation’

Our “comprehensive seminar” at Earlham School of Religion consisted of discussing each other’s views on various topics.  We first spoke on the nature of the church, and then each one of us spent the next half semester discussing the topic of our choice.

I chose to discuss ‘vocation’, because it was a topic that I had been struggling with for years.  My professor encouraged me to share some of my process with a wider group than the class.  At the time, it felt somewhat personal.  Reading again, I feel I’m ready to share.

The format is a series of essays with a 500 word limit.  These essays were not allowed to be researched, and were emailed to the rest of the class beforehand.  The class then would discuss what they found in these essays.  The class, thus discussed “the church”, “Who or what is God?”, “Who is Jesus?,””Being spiritual and religious”, What is the “Good news (gospel)”

The process was rewarding, and I enjoyed learning and sharing with the group — and, for the next few weeks, I will share my part of the discussion of vocation.  “What does it mean to be called?”


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