Study on Queries 5: Youth and the meeting

Lesson can be found here: q5

5. Do you encourage your young people to choose a commitment to Jesus Christ and the church? Do you endeavor to instruct them in the principles and practices of Friends? Do you nurture the spiritual development of the youth of the meeting and promote their spiritual, mental and physical well-being? How do you involve and affirm the youth in the life of the meeting?

We discussed this and a few related questions.  If I were asked to write an answer, it would be as follows:

We do encourage those young people that we have.  We provide Sunday school classes that teach Christian and Quaker principles.  The children in our meeting show evidence of the effort that has been put into them. During worship, there is also a children’s message that the children engage with. The pre-school program continues to be a valuable part of meeting life.  The young people have been involved by organizing and leading Christmas worship, and through volunteer work in and about the meeting.

In our discussion, one of the class members observed that the meeting can do nothing for the children without mature adults to give it.  This leads me to ask:  “What is our ministry to adults?”  There was a time when leadership would come from people who grew up with the church — it seems that those days might be gone.  Eventually the youth move away, and often the leading adults joined the community as adults when they moved into the community.


One comment on “Study on Queries 5: Youth and the meeting

  1. My answers are of course unofficial — I am, in many ways, an outsider, and the meeting does not practice answering queries.

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