Simplicity Conference (N.E. quarterly meeting — MAYM / Willow Creek Monthly Meeting)

As much as I would like to write down what we did in detail — there is something about conferences that make it difficult. It went well — we went though the whole of the Sermon on the Mount. We discussed the words of Jesus.

While the topic of the conference was simplicity — we spent much time discussing what Jesus said about judging others. It is challenging for us to consider ourselves first. We really do miss the log in our own eye as we look for what is in our neighbor’s eye.

One of the people at the retreat, John Marcus, gave an analogy of our Christian life to being on Ellis Island. We are getting ready for citizenship in a new homeland. There was also discussion about the idea of being citizens of Heaven, living in a foreign land… (Very Pauline.)

It was great to play with the group — as well as study scripture with them. There is something about how a group plays together which tells you about them, and this group played well together and laughed easily. In our discussion, we identified the language of love — and, this group of diverse people have managed to become a family and speak the language. I look forward to spending time with Friends in North East Kansas again.

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