Failures of Faith

Jesus says to the disciples:
“You of little faith”
It seems there is one failure after another
They see the face of God, but never perceive

Would I walk on water?
Walking would I fall away?
Would I follow Jesus to the cross
Or would I run like the others?

Would I fret and scream?
Worrying about what I could not control
Blaming in my fear?
Would I be like those disciples?

Would I follow when called?
Leaving everything as they did?
Even leaving my livelihood behind?
Or would I head but stay behind?

Would I keep following when the crowds left?
The disciples recognized a Word that gives life
Would I only hear words of offence?
Leaving when they were too difficult to hear?

I do not doubt that I would run in fear
But would I return when the danger was still present?


One comment on “Failures of Faith

  1. Michael says:

    Wow how uncanny is this! Haha, praise the Lord. I was searching for my blog where I stumble on yours, which I have the same name and I also love writing poetry or whatever comes to my mind. Very good read here!

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