Kingdom come

Reading of a kingdom born
New life replacing old death
Resurection taking away the power of death
Heaven stronger than hell

God’s grace is sufficient
God’s desire is redemption
Finite patience, but infinite love
God’s call goes out to humanity

Yet some see the kingdom differently
Warriors defending a small plot of land
The world attacking trying to wipe out the kingdom
The simple command is “hold”

Holding, they know that Christ is coming
Christ will destroy all the enemies
Saving those who held from defeat
A kingdom of destruction

Life and death are the forces shaping the world
Life is given and life is taken away
Is Christ’s kingdom born, or is it taken by conquest?
Is justice restoring what is lost, or punishing those who lost it?

We wait for the kingdom that is to come:
do we wait in hope, or do we wait in fear?


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