Searching the scriptures
Hearing the stories
Divining the great mystery
Jesus is Divine

Is the divinity hidden by flesh?
Is flesh an illusion?
Those who see the Son see the Father
Is this secret knowledge?

Philosophy teaches God is transcendent
Flesh cannot touch the divine
What is pure is protected from the profane
There is the secret of God hiding in flesh

Gnosis grows
A little knowledge mixed with much speculation
People whispering half of the secret
Decrying the other half as a false rumor

Some knew a little more
Realizing that Jesus was human
There is a great mystery
What does it mean to be God as well as human?

Are we so mistaken about humanity?
How does such a treasure not destroy its earthen vessel?
Did our Lord change the nature of Humanity through nativity?
Or were we sanctified since Eden?

Nativity is re-dedication
The lamp burning longer than the oil allows
The body is no longer the temple to a man made idol
The Holy place is restored with God’s presence

Though the temple be destroyed
God remains faithful
We are pilgrims who walk to ruins
Yet we find God dedicated the world around us

God is born Emanuel
God has not abandoned us


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