Scarlet Letter

Is a tender conscience worse than punishment?
Can the conscience burn more than a beating?
Can public acclaim sting worse than shame?
What does it mean to see another living your punishment?

There is never a time we are not “caught”
The heart knows every action
Does the heart punish?
Is there not sympathy?

Yet so many are locked up
So many are without sympathy
They say the jail is built as soon as the church
A place for people with no use for repentance

The heart wonders the mix of shame and shamelessness
So many feel the guilt of others
So many are unaware of their own actions
Why is humanity so very different from one another

What will be written upon the heart of a man?
Will it ever be read as if it were written upon the shirt?
If the words are read will any look past their own hearts?
There seems shame enough to go around


One comment on “Scarlet Letter

  1. I like you poem! It’s packed with depth. It reflects upon thoughts and emotions I have often felt. I think everyone does from time to time.

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