Running away

Running away
The circus is in town
When they leave, I go with them
It feels like time to leave home

Every day seems the same
No one appreciates me
Nothing I do is ever good enough
It is time to leave

It seems there is no way out
No chance for things to get better
The heart wants an adventure
There is nothing here

Yet travel is not easy
Adventures make one late for dinner
The circus remains the circus no matter which town
Traveling is even more confining than familiarity

The circus is in every town
The heart breaks from loneliness
Would the familiar accept me after what I said?

Finally homesickness and loneliness is greater than pride
Cleaning cages does little to build pride
It is time to buy a bus ticket home
Leaving someone else to run away with the circus

This entry was posted in Poetry.

3 comments on “Running away

  1. maddie says:

    wow u sound like someone i know u sound lost dont run away it will just make things worse hope u find yourself

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