Making history accessible

Head deep in the past
Transcribing and indexing
Who will read this book?

I am thinking about final formating for Deer Creek Monthly Meeting’s minutes — there are minutes for both men’s and woman’s monthly meetings, and it seems wise to put the minutes from the same date together instead of the two running texts I have created. It will take a little extra effort to figure out this formating trick, just like it takes no shortage of effort to build a meaningful index — however, I want this work to be useful for future researchers.

Deer Creek Monthly meeting included Newberry Preparative meeting, and belonged to “Northern Quarter”. It was an antislavery meeting, and it is a rescource for anyone who wants a peek into the life of pre-civil war Quakerism — including some rather funny family antidotes.

I personally wonder what to the members of Deer Creek Monthly meeting when the minute book stops. I do know that David Jay, was an important member, and I see the family resemblense, but so many others have stories which are not finished in this volume.

This seems an interesting part of the history of Liberty Township in Grant County Indiana. I hope it will be known!


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