Looking to the giants

The task at hand seems unimportant
It seems everyone chooses to forget
People look forward, never backwards
Everyone wanting to write their own history

Yet the heart is drawn to yesterday
Wanting to learn from the past
What do we do in a real Crisis?
Even this easy world is overwhelming

How do we remain faithful?
How can we live out our faith?
What happens when we choose self over others?
What happens when we forget Christ’s teachings?

Is the past so different from the present?
Were people not always people?
How different are the challenges then and now?
Have we remembered Jesus’ words yet?

Reading the past, meditating on the present
Crying out: “Lord have mercy on me, a sinner”
Knowing that I have not found perfection
Yet Knowing Christ is merciful to the imperfect

Studying the past is now helpful
Reading words written by those named heroes
A legendary work which has become lore
Work done by flawed and frustrated people

Looking to the past invites hope
The Giants were also human.


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