Can a Kiss fly?

Can a kiss fly a thousand miles?
Can two hearts feel close when separated?
Do lovers indeed look at the same moon?
Is separated love longing or mourning?

The eyes seek the mailbox
The heart leaps with joy
The mailman indeed delivered a kiss
The heart is openly worn for all to see

There is longing
There are so many tears
The moon is beautiful
The heart knows it is not alone

The wind whispers: “I love you”
There is the hint of perfume
The feeling of a kiss
Yet the eyes see nothing

The heart knows that love transcends distance
The mind counts days until distance is too small to measure

This poem is for, and inspired by Karla Moran. Karla is currently in New England, both visiting family and ministering to Friends at Smithfield Friends Meeting who are going through a time of pastoral transition. I am proud of her — but I miss her, wish I were able to listen to her Sunday sermon.


One comment on “Can a Kiss fly?

  1. quakergirl says:

    Yes a kiss can fly!

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