To see the invisible

Who will speak for those without a voice?
The invisible who suffer exploitation
Society does not wish to see them
We would sooner cast blame than accept Truth

A child in tears
Lonely and far from home
Abandoned and sent away
Is it her fault she was born?

Sold into slavery
Was her family so poor?
Taken away from her home and country
Powerless to resist

Is she a criminal because she is undocumented?
Is she a sinner because she is a prostitute?
Is she a victim of kidnapping and rape?
What label do we assign the voiceless and the powerless?

Would any advocate for those without a voice?
Would any give so they can be redeemed?

A Friend of mine, Darin Kearns has devoted himself to walking 500 miles over May and June to raise awareness of human trafficking and hopes to raise money in for advocacy and relief. Darin is pastor of Hesper Friends Church, (EFC-MAYM) and became a personal Friend when we studied together at Barclay College.

Darin is doing this as part of the “Tread on Trafficking” campaign raising money for “love 146“. Please feel free to donate to this cause through Darin. Whether you give to this cause or not — I hope we can all pray that God will help those who are oppressed and helpless. Let us also pray for a just and merciful society.


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