Those who are tired are cast aside
Cold and suffering
Society forbids them sleep
Come you who are tired, rest here

Those who are hungry
Seeking and begging
Without means to find hope
Come you who are hungry, We give you food

Those who are broken in every way
Those who are desperate and need grace
Needing a miracle to go on
Come, receive Christ’s grace — Christ is with you

The deacon goes out, bringing out the Eucharist
Bringing grace to those who were too broken to come

Today, at West Richmond Friends, Josh Brown shared about his Easter Sunday when he worshiped at an Episcopal church in Florida — and what he shared was a good example of what it means to be Christian. The community had cracked down on the homeless, having the police wake them wherever they slept, and told them they had to be somewhere else — the church responded by allowing them to sleep at the church property, though they were not a shelter. In addition to this, the church instituted a feeding program, and invited them to attend worship on Sunday morning — some do, most do not.

The amazing thing to me is that after mass, the Deacon takes the host and the wine outside to these desperate people, and performs another service for those who for some reason did not come in to accept Christ’s grace. I often cringe at the way Eucharist is done, because we are so stingy with God’s grace — though Christ’s grace is more than enough. This church is not stingy, but takes Grace into the world, offering it to the least of these. While my traditions are different, I am grateful to see tradition used in such a powerful and redemptive way.

How can we share God’s abundant grace with the world around us? Are we stingy with grace, if so how can we become generous? What do others need that we can give? What our our symbols of grace, and how can we better share them with others?


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