Learning — aka the black notebook

I made a place to write poems
To put down a few words
A way of letting out a little stress
Yet some people enjoy it

The black notebook filled
Then was sorted, emptied, and burned
It filled again
A blue notebook now sits next to it

A handful of readers
Two or three with a similar hobby
My father who is amused by the attempt
Attempts to make poetry a touch of the ordinary

Eventually a defense is necessary
A few words defending a decision
Suddenly it seems the world is on fire
I’m not ready to hide under the bed admitting defeat

Now I receive hate mail
I hear I blog for Quakers


One comment on “Learning — aka the black notebook

  1. I love Robert Barclay, I like Penn, I deeply respect Levi Coffin and I want to be more like John Woolman.

    I want to remain a Friend even though so many Friends I respect are abandoning ship. Sometimes I feel like I have to defend my stubbornness. Sometimes I have to defend it to myself — however, where would I go?

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