There is no Christianity without Christ
We cannot accept revelation, and reject scripture
If God works now, God worked before
Where is the church going?

People are focusing on people
Where is Jesus as we spread hate?
Are not they made in His image?
If we curse our brother, do we not hate God?

Yet the world seems so strange
Banning religious expression, and calling this freedom
The church seems even stranger
Chaplains fired for praying in the name of Jesus

There is talk of all faiths being the same
All teaching the same thing
Yet those who say things things oppose all religious teaching
Their claims of respect are disproved by hostility

Will the bible be banned?
Will the name of “Christ” be bleeped out
The seven dirty words are played on the radio
Will the Prince of Peace be banned?

The church has survived persecution —
but can it survive immersion into society?
Scripture calls on us to be salt
It seems we belong on the dungheap

The church survived persecution,
but can it survive pluralism?


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