Incarnation of the Word chapter 1

In the beginning was the Word
In the beginning God spoke
In speaking the world came from nothing
The Word of God is the agent of creation

In Him was life
This light was the light of humanity
God spoke, let there be Light
Very light of very light, very God of very God

We are given life
Created to commune with God
Breathing because he gave us His breath
We carry God’s image

Yet it seems we are not incorruptible
The world is a place of sin
Rape, murder, theft, destruction
War proves how far we have fallen

We believe in a God of creation
We believe in a God of recreation
We are desperate, feeling lost
But we believe that God seeks to save what is lost

I finished reading the first chapter of Incarnation of the Word. Its nice, though it REALLY needs a study guide (which I am not writing right now). It starts up telling me that it is a sequel, and references the earlier work. It goes on to mention pre-Christian views and gnosticism… without explaining why.

The chapter explains that Jesus was involved in the creation story. In Athanasius’ mind, the Word of God that framed creation was not the words “Let there be”, but Jesus, the Word of God taking an active part in the work of Creation.

The author moves on to tell the story of the fall, and how far humanity had fallen. there is, of course, a sin list which is as relevant now as it was then. The Word of God, agent of creation, which we know by the name of Jesus puts on human flesh. The very agent of creation returns as an agent of re-creation. Christ, the Word of God came to re-create that which was destroyed.


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