Who are blessed?

It is written blessed are those who mourn
How are we who mourn blessed
With broken hearts and shattered dreams
Pain and shock filling our lives

Life is made up of expectations
Life is filled with disappointments
We expect relationships to last a lifetime
We say goodbye, and we mourn

This is not possible!
Are we not created in God’s image?
God is eternal, we can’t be so fragile
Soon I will wake from this dream

It’s not fair,
God, why have you destroyed my life?
I am abandoned without hope
I am wounded, how can I strike back?

What can I do to change this?
I would give my very life
God, anything you ask is yours
Only restore what is lost

Finally, I’m exhausted
Too tried to feel
Tears no longer fall
Living in numbness

Yet the sun will rise again tomorrow
We will somehow survive
We bury the dead, not the living
We learn how to live.

I offer a prayer for all who suffer loss, for my heart is with those who mourn:

Lord, you who are sympathetic and you who gives comfort to those who mourn, Bless and comfort those who remain after saying their last goodbyes on this Earth. Strengthen them as they learn to live without those they love.


One comment on “Who are blessed?

  1. feralkoan says:

    That was very beautiful. I am mourning and sorrowful, and when i am led to things like this, i feel comforted and blessed as i am reassured that i am not suffering alone. Thank you.

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