Progress letter

Dear praying friends:

I am about to start the spring semester at Earlham School of Religion. So far school has been going well. Studies are meaningful and challenging, I am starting to feel comfortable in my new community, my stomach is full, and my bed is warm and comfortable. Thank God, everything is as well as a student can ask for.

Recently I have applied for the position of Christian Education director in Western Yearly Meeting. I applied, because I have been drawn to Christian education, which I feel is vital to the life and health of a Christian community. (Links to the website are so anyone else can apply, God willing Western YM gets exactly the person they need)

I am currently praying about my suitablity for this position and the position’s suitablity for me. Currently I am enjoying my role as a student, I have a free ride scholarship so I have no presure to reduce my intesity as a student. If I took this position, I would sacrifice my scholarship as well as the time necessary to pursure full time study — at this point, it would be a significant sacrifice.

On the other hand I am excited to discover a paying job in the field I’ve wanted ever since I first decided to study Theology at Barclay college. I see this as an exciting oppertunity to teach, to learn, and to build community. I specifically want to build a strong adult Christian education program that establishes the foundational knowledge necessary for an effective lay ministry. God willing, Christian Education can strengthen Western Yearly Meeting and build their ability to live life with Jesus.

I want prayer both as I enter a new semester (Family Systems, Spirutality in community, Christian Ethics, and possibly an independent study). I also hope you will pray for Western Yearly Meeting as they face transition. I know that every ministry that the predicesor built will be disrupted. I know that every relationship will need to be rebulit — I know that whoever accepts this office cannot replace the person who left, but instead must find a way of living God’s call to a ministry. Pray for both me and the Yearly meeting in this decision process.

Michael Jay


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