In the world

Sometimes the darkness seems stronger than the light
The body is weak
The spirit descends into depression
We seem to be ill from lack of light

There is so much danger
We slip and fall because we cannot see the feet
Where is the light that shines in the darkness?
How could it be so far away?

Yet the light does start to penetrate
Where things come into the light, they become known
Shame causes me to resist the Light
Wanting to hide all that is shameful

It is easy to look clean in darkness
In the Light, every speck of dust is visible
Yet the light shines in the darkness
It is there, if we do not hide from it.

The light does penetrate and expose
Where the light shines brightly the darkness is driven away
Where there is Light, the Light gives life
Life conquers death, giving resurrection and transformation

We remain in the world
Yet Christ’s light shines in us
The world is dark yet the light remains visible
We become a lighthouse in this dark world

Had a wonderful time of worship at West Richmond Friends meeting. There were 5 speakers who spoke of incarnation and epiphany. The speakers brought a real picture of Christ and transformation. We really focused on the idea of Christ as God, Light and Word (John 1) — but we also looked at the story of the Magi, the prophecies of Christ, the creation story, et c. The last speaker spoke of how it is gospel that “The light shines in darkness, and darkness does not overcome the light”. No matter how strong the darkness fights (and there is darkness in my own soul) the darkness does not drive out the light… instead the light drives out the darkness.

I entered worship with sin in my mind, I left with a clear heart and a transformed mind. I needed the transforming power of Jesus, and I received what I needed.


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