What is sin?

The mind swims from so many words
Debating the role of Sin in life
Why is God angry with us?
Are we guilty for the sin of our ancestors?

What is Sin that it makes God so angry?
If we are worthless, why are we worth saving?
What is the balance of wrath and love?
Death seems rather permanent

Hearing the talk there was a question:
“Does God have an anger problem?”
Is God angry with humanity because one man sinned?
Does one trespass create such hatred?

Talking sin, there was no talk of personal sin!
So many words about Adam, none about self
Talk of salvation from Hell in the afterlife
No talk about salvation on Earth.

So many seem out of control
Even preachers steal
So many preachers have raped
Sin destroying the community

A man speaks unkindly to his wife
Words spoken thoughtlessly
Words undeserved, for the man judges without cause
Only forgiveness can preserve the relationship

Another gossips
Reputations are damaged
Relationships are broken
Sin destroying communities

Sin is so very immediate
We are out of control — it destroys life
Even when ashamed, we live in sin
We are out of control, and need God’s help for transformation

We debate another’s Sin, ignoring their own
Ignoring that our relationships are dying
We are out of control, destroying ourselves and others
Yet, we seek a solution to God’s anger problem

Perhaps the first step is admitting we have a problem
Perhaps we need to learn Salvation from the addict.


3 comments on “What is sin?

  1. Charity says:

    I think God hates sin because it brings death and destruction in our lives and the lives of those around us, and even arguably the earth. God sees the good that should be in our lives and all the potential that is lost because of sin. I know of no examples of the penitent being under wrath, only those who fuel destruction and flaunt it without shame. So it is our lack of repentance that stands in the way of restoration, not God’s anger.

    • i was listening to a debate between two positions… a liberal position that there is no such thing as sin, and the problem is guilt — and a anti-liberal position that focused on original sin (but somehow ignored personal sin).

      Neither side was fully fleshed out :D.

  2. I don’t think he’s mad at us at all because he knows our hearts and what we mean to this world he created. We only pay for the sins we create, not ones of those who came before and our sins can always be forgiven up until the very last moment. Great stuff by the way.

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