What is the root?
Where is the center?
What is it we truly believe?
If all else is removed, what must remain?

There are so many voices in the world
Is the most important thing lost?
Is it covered up by our busyness?
Are we too distracted to believe?

Is our Faith in Christ, or respectability?
To we seek to be Christlike, or to be honored by men?
Would we accept the way of the cross?
Following Christ, though it lead to shame and death?

When we listen, do we obey?
Do we instead see that Jesus is impractical
His Kingdom is unlike any kingdom of this world
Do we live according to His way or the world’s way?

Do we each look at our own hearts?
Do we each seek Christ in our own lives?
Or do we make ourselves to seem better than our neighbor
Do we grow, or do we tear down?

Why do so many condemn the radical???
Why do we wish to forget our roots?


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