Meditation on Malachi 3

What person can rob God?
Can I touch what God would posses?
Is there anything that I can claim for myself?
If God gives us gifts, are they not ours?

How do we see God?
How does God show us love?
How does humanity love God?
Can one love the transcendent?

Perhaps we find God in the person of Jesus
Did not Jesus point to the least of these?
Shall we look for God in the homeless woman?
Shall we find God in the struggles of the migrant worker?

Those who hold God’s image struggle, starve and die
They fight a system that seeks to steal their humanity
Reduced to statistics and profits
Sound-bites and political pawns

We cry out because the poor might eat
We refuse to welcome another to our table
Throwing away the excess when another goes to bed hungry
Are we not the ones who rob God?

Who calls upon the least of these to sacrifice?
To starve while they fill their own bellies
Who makes rules that are impossible to keep?
Do they not rob God with their legalism?

All the Earth is the Lords, and everything upon it.
All the heavens also are God’s
All we have is borrowed at best, never our own
Can a man rob God when he cannot possess?

Humanity bears God’s image
Perhaps we rob God by robbing another’s dignity and livelyhood


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