Talk like a Quaker day

A celebration of the past
A fun time to play with words
Trying the tongue with thees and thous
Seeking to remember that it is First day

The mind is confused
The tongue trips over the words
The heart asks if the joke is right
Does speaking different draw attention to self?

What does it mean to talk like a Quaker?
How does faith affect language?
Can our words show our belief?
Is it more than obscurity?

What to Friends believe that touches speech?
Is our faith so different than any others?
When we speak of peace is it in our hearts?
Do we truly see God in every person?

When we speak, do we honor that of God?
Do we recognize that the other is God’s image?
Do we honor God’s love in what we say and do?
Do we pray “Forgive us as we forgive?”

Do we remember that humanity is so often broken?
Do we respect that others around us are weak?
Do we protect those who suffer harm?
Do we remember to forgive those who are growing?

The heart feels guilt that faith is sometimes hidden
Remembering words spoken without right cause
The heart breaks knowing that the Truth was cruelty ignored
The heart thanks God that another chose to forgive

The heart prays that faith can start to inform the tongue
Learning to speak the language of Love daily
Becoming whole, and more like Jesus
Perfection in faith proven by living and speaking love

The heart breaks to remember failure
The heart thanks God that the other chose to forgive


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