So many causes
The pressure to conform
Suggestions and guilt trips
The idea that one must support them all

Are we not allowed to question?
Are we not allowed to think for ourselves?
What happened to listening to the spirit?
Sometimes we are not free to act

Do I march or do I stay home?
If I stay home, am I cursed for evil?
Do the others say that my inactivity causes evil?
Do I even agree with their cause?

Why is guilt such a motivator?
Is there no such thing as tolerance?
Is there not too much already?
Can I not choose my own causes?

Sometimes people march
And others march against the marchers
I just want to stay home!
It is difficult to see hope in the protest

Sometimes it seems each cause is wrong
A celebration of hatred
Each saying ‘you are here, or you are an enemy’
Sometimes I want nothing more than choose ‘neither’.

Today I found a quite lonely place
Passing the day in peaceful silence


One comment on “Cause

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    I’m guessing this has become a substitute for war and so has picked up a lot of us vs themism of war.

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