Hidden Bigotry

Hearing so many words
People calling for justice
Dividing between just and unjust
Naming the others bigots

What is it that a person can know?
Can a man’s belief be Truth?
Is it possible to believe there is non-Truth?
Is dialog possible through disagreement?

Listening I hear it said that it is impossible
No faith can discover Truth
Muslim Christian Buddhist and Jew
Named bigotry as they seek to know the other

They talk and make deep friendships
The study one another’s scripture
They listen intently
They find similarity and express differences

I remember joining at the table
I remember being impressed at the openness
All were equal
Everyone felt the others departed from Truth

All voices at the table agreed there was Truth
All sought to find this Truth
All were loyal to the path they chose
All knew where the other failed Truth

A voice speaks calling all at the table bigots
Naming their faith as proof of bigotry
She will not join the table
For she cannot accept those who disagree with her views

Some cannot dialog because they refuse to accept equality
They hide their bigotry by calling it liberalism

In class today, I heard someone express the view that that if any one feels that there is objective Truth, that belief is defacto bigotry. The idea is that God is unknowable, thus any who claims knowledge are defacto bigots. Unfortunately that means she cannot dialog with others. She holds the view that those who disagree with her religious views are not only wrong but bigots — she cannot approach the table as an equal.

I have sat at a table, and eaten with people who disagreed [being different religions], and talked equally, politely, and intelligently. The view expressed today was deeply offensive, as it brought a personal attack to the table — attaching the morally superior to all who disagreed with her religious views. I realize that she could not have joined that table, as all would have been deeply offended that she would consider them bigots.


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