Learning from liturgy

Sometimes the heart is convicted
It seems that I have not learned to love perfectly
Though I look I cannot always see God’s image
Sometimes prejudgment makes whole relationships impossible

The heart is filled with distrust
Knowing that it will be time to face pain
Knowing that prejudice must be sinful
How can I devalue what God calls His image?

My heart cries out judgements
My heart cries out excuses
But how can I claim to love God?
For I do not love the one made in God’s image

My heart is broken by my own sinfulness
I fight but do not have to power to overcome this sin
I pray with so many others!
broken heartedly I confess my sins

I have sinned in thought word and deed,
I have not loved God with my whole heart
I have not loved my neighbor as myself
Even now I struggle with loving my neighbor

The heart burns with fear
Sin is a symptom of brokenness
Tears flow because my sin harms community
I confess, Lord grant me healing!


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