Proclaim Love

There are so many voices
So many words we remember
Everyone voices what they love
It sounds like love is given freely

Do we know what love is?
Though we are built to love, do we understand?
Are we connected only to feelings?
Are we overwhelmed by duty?

What does it take to give love?
Are we prepared to receive love?
Do we embrace, or do we turn away?
Do we reject the love we are offered?

Can I love if I do not accept love?
Must love go two ways?
If I pour out my life completely, is that not love?
Does Paul speak of loveless sacrifice?

How can I proclaim love?
What can I do to demonstrate love?
What can I say that another will hear?
Can the world hear a message of love?

Somehow the voices come together
The heart hears the message that is given
I am deeply loved
Because I was first loved, I can also love

I enjoyed worship at West Richmond Friends today. Currently their programed meetings focus on the mission statement:

As a Christian Quaker fellowship, we seek to:

* discover God’s truth
* proclaim God’s love
* live our faith.

Today’s messages was on ‘proclaim God’s love’. There were three people selected to give short messages on this topic — the first, telling what he loved. The second told us that love is difficult, because we are unwilling to receive love, too often feeling that we are not worthy. The still small voice that says: “I love you” is too often drowned out by negative voices. In order to live in love, we need to accept love for ourselves. The third speaker spoke on the word “Proclaim”, reminding us that we somehow need to share God’s love with others. The application of these messages is a personal challenge, the speakers did not give any concrete advice, however love is not a technique, but a way of life.


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