Psalm 22

God, where are you?
I pray day and night
You will not answer
My heart breaks and I am alone

Holy God!
You have always been trusted
I hear you are reliable
But I call out and you are not there

Is it because of me?
Am I a worm that you do not see me?
Is it only me that you ignore?
What have I done that I am cursed?

I cry out and I pray
My friends mock me as my life falls apart
They mock my faith and my faithlessness
In my desperation I pray through the futility

My prayers bring nothing worthwhile
Every day my body fails a little more
It feels like my bones will fall apart
A gnawing hunger fills the whole body

The body feels so faint
The head swimming
Too tired to accomplish anything
God, Why don’t you lift me up to soar like an eagle?

Save my from the hell that is this world
Give me food to cure my hunger
Give me hope that tomorrow is a better day
Give me strength to rise above my trouble

If you save me, I will declare your name
I will tell everyone the depths of my depression
I will call out how you saved me from despair
I will name you as my life and my purpose

God, where are you?
I will do anything if you will hear me.


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