Mark 5:25-34

The crowd presses
It is impossible to see the teacher
Eager to hear what he might say
Waiting forever for a chance to hear

The mind is filled with Questions
Hearing about the one who knows
The rumors that he sees a person’s heart
That he is aware of the unseen

Everywhere the sick are healed
Everywhere the wise are confounded
Wherever the teacher walks, there is a crowd
Thousands who hope to catch a bit of wisdom

It is impossible to approach,
Yet a few manage to press and touch
Others are pressed away
The crowd blocking the way to the Son of Man

Jesus calls out
Asking for who touched him
The ones closest seem amazed at the question
It seems that everyone touched Him

What power comes out from a touch?
Can a simple touch bring healing?
An unclean woman contaminates a clean man
Knowing, the Rabbi should be angry

The moment builds to a complete surprise
Instead of anger, there is compassion
Does the Rabi put aside the ceremony of cleanness?
Does he not know the unclean contaminates the clean?

Deity remains uncontaminated
What touches God instead is made whole
Compassion and faith cure what medicine cannot
Jesus says: “Daughter, your faith has saved you”


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