Life is filled with the urgent
There is much that needs done now
Life is filled with the important
That which needs done irregardless of deadlines

We are reminded that life is short
A man only has a short journey on the earth
The body is fragile and easily broken
If gently treated, the time comes when the mechanics fail

There are so many tasks to complete
Its easy to forget that living takes effort
There is food which needs consumed
Work without eat and rest cannot last

There are relationships to maintain
Love must be practiced
Love cannot be put aside on a shelf
It must be nurtured so it can grow

Faith must also be maintained
Study alone cannot grow the spirit
Prayer and worship take time out of the day
Papers must flow or the spirit dies of thirst

The urgent comes quickly
The mind does not know how every task can be met
Sometimes we should do today what can be put off indefinitely
Sometimes we much put aside what can only be done today

Yet the day is filled with tasks
God willing, all priorities will be accomplished


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