Love what is lovely

It is said only love what is lovely
But who does one love but the lovable?
A man loves the beauty he experiences
His heart open to the joy brought by that beauty

Love sees beauty most strongly
The nature of which grows more and more clear
The nature of the gentle spirit
A tender heart filled with love

Love sees every smile
Love sees the spark in the eyes
Love experiences joy before pain
Yet tears can flow without shame

Love is sure of what is lovable
The action is its own evidence
Humanity holds the divine image
Love sees God’s image clearly

Imperfection renders love fallible and human
Grace and forgiveness becomes part of life
There is beauty in shared life
All of life can become lovely

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I do not think that the beauty one sees in a loved one is ‘delusion’ — I think it represents a deep truth. Sometimes love allows us to see deeper than what the world sees.

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One comment on “Love what is lovely

  1. Thecatsman says:

    Many truths reside here in these words…

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