Anticipated burnout

Much work, no income
Much responsibility
Unpaid internship

Ok — this could be many things other than an unpaid internship. It could be volunteering for the church, or any number of things. The problem is, many people want to do good, however suffer a system that does not give them the means of survival. Hospital Chaplaincy is an example — the training is laborious and expensive. Two summers of full time work without pay (while or after earning the M.Div). Most hospitals certified to offer this training require the Chaplains to pay for the privileged. After these two summers, and earning the M.Div — the person qualified for an internship with a modest stipend.

I’ve not started the unpaid internship — but I am aware that I cannot figure out how I will afford zero income summers where I am working 50 or more hours a week. God help me!


2 comments on “Anticipated burnout

  1. Traci says:

    He will help you! If His hand is in this path for your life than he will certainly make sure you have enough of everything you need to get through it. He just doesn’t choose to tell you right now exactly how He is going to meet those needs then. Chin up! You can do it.

    • Thanks Traci — most of this is the stress of catching a cold in a heavy homework week… and skipping a few meals because i did not feel like walking to the grocery store. I’m feeling a lot better now that I have a full stomach… and a paper under my belt.

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