Too happy

Is it possible to become too happy?
life seems to be complete
The greatest struggle an embraced responsibility
The most difficult choices are between joys

It seems that the greatest struggles are not important
A sacrifice for a better future
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring
Only knowing that every day seems to bring new joy

There is a sense of homecoming
Knowing that the heart is fulfilled
Not knowing how tomorrow could be better
Yet expecting that joy will increase

Yet sometimes words seem difficult to write
There seems too much joy for poetry


4 comments on “Too happy

  1. A life that is too happy might not be good, it is always good to experience both happiness and sadness once in a while to truly understand what life is actually about=)

    • I don’t think anyone fails to experience sadness — my life has just been busy recently — and I’ve found myself choosing between joys… Time for poetry has not been one of those joys.

  2. Jingle says:

    love homecoming feelings…
    Brilliant poem!

  3. Jingle says:

    to join us,
    place a link of your poem entry under the post,
    visit and comment for 18 poets, done!

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