Reading so many words
Debating their meaning
Single words invoke passion
We seize our own hearts

Pictures of blood
Blood seems to be a right of passage
What brings one into manhood?
Why is it that we kill?

We spoke of excuses
Fragile honor that needs blood to survive
Unwillingness to fight fair
Killing by means of deception

Why was Diana silent?
Was there an attempt to make things right?
Levi and Simeon so eager to kill
Placing family honor above their sister’s wellbeing

Reading about complete disregard for life
A poor woman grasping at the door while being raped to death
A message brought to the whole community
A whole tribe destroyed in anger

God seems fickle sometimes
Calling for all to die…
Calling to save those who survived
One wonders what would make God repent

The reader is often left with more questions than answers
Sometimes the questions are spoken


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