West Richmond Friends meeting

Description of worship experience

Today I visited West Richmond Friends Meeting. West Richmond is a single block from my room, so it is by far the easiest place to worship. The meeting is semi-programmed, which to them means that they are pastoral, however they have regular fully unprogrammed services, and the pastor takes a limited role in the business of the meeting and in the planning of worship, focusing more on pastoral care and visitation. This week was designated as unprogrammed worship.

There was a good five minutes of silence before someone sitting on the facing bench spoke a few words of welcome, recognizing that there were a good number of guests this morning, and giving a brief explanation of worship in the manner of Friends. This brief explanation was followed by about a half hour of silence. Three people gave vocal ministry speaking of how they experienced God in their lives, and after the rise of meeting I had a good period of conversation about meeting history, learning that Allen Jay was a prominent member of the meeting. The question raised in discussion was the role of Gospel for the redemption of wider society as well as redemption of the individual, and the divisiveness of the idea of a Social Gospel in the past.


2 comments on “West Richmond Friends meeting

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Sounds like you have found a good meeting to worship with.

    • So far, my experiences have been positive. I also enjoyed my worship experience at 2nd Friends in Indianapolis — though, I brought ‘the message’… which means I did not experience a normal Sunday. I have also been invited to visit First Friends in Richmond.

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