Reading poetry again

Writing seems a way of life
Sanity comes from placing words on a page
Feelings can be laid out where they do not move
Reason and intuition can share the same place

Ideas come and go so very quickly
Emotions only last for a moment
The mind cannot hold everything at once
Sometimes both yes and no seem the right answer

There is the pride of creation
Looking and seeing thousands of pages
Attempts at poems
Essays, homilies, and aspirations of books

The writer is a compulsive reader
Seeking words to fill the mind
Wanting to understand ideas
Wanting to understand the condition of humanity

At times bragging becomes shame
The desire to share becomes a wish to hide
Filling paper does not prove talent
The message lost within the words

Talent proves itself to this reader
Yet, I shall continue to write


One comment on “Reading poetry again

  1. cjpugh says:

    I really liked this alot! As a writer I completely love this poem because I can relate. I feel like the most important thing we can do as a writer is to make our emotions universal. I really liked the line

    The desire to share becomes a wish to hide…..

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