Still meditating on Psalm 46

The armies are endless
Enemies who overrun the world
Egypt is not enough to hold them off
Cities and Kingdom’s fall

Israel punished
Every city wiped off the map
Anyone who is anyone scattered
The kingdom reduced to a memory

Every city in Judah fallen save one
Only the capital remains
A tired king and a pessimistic prophet
Yet the city is built to last a siege

God is openly mocked
Yet the Holy place remains sacred
The city is well watered and well supplied
The enemy is tired from waring

Keeping empires requires a long march
Supplies are hard and expensive
A cup of rice costs a wagon-load at home
The general offers a handicap for a pitch battle

God himself promised to defeat the enemy
His Divine presence must protect the temple
God is, and he promised to be
His home and his city must not fall

Morning comes before the battle
The enemy is found dead
The tools of war are broken
The battle is won without loosing an arrow

Though the world changes God’s temple stands firm
Yet time will march on
Every trust upon earth can be broken
The temple is now completely destroyed


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