Remembering sermons

So many sermons in a life
Growing up and visiting churches
Hearing many preachers
Learning what gospels they preach

Remembering a life of laws
Cause and effect controlled by man
Is Christianity a faith in humanity?
Where is Christ in this faith?

Remembering a discussion
The question: “Why do we need Jesus?”
An attempt to build a ladder into heaven
Following rules to find prosperity

Is faith about happiness?
Is faith about success?
Or is faith about living life with Christ’s presence —
Is it better to be faithful, or successful

So many seem married to the values of culture
Choosing politicians over Christ
Praying as if God sent a government
Living as if greed was a virtue

Listening to sermons, it seems the gospel is bad news
A God who shows his love through killing and torture
A world ruled by the power of Satan
A Christ who abandoned his disciples to Satan’s power

Faith somehow has survived sermons
Somehow Christ is merciful
He calls to the soul when men are confused
Frustration is not always apostasy


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