attempting poetry

The heart overflows
Passion pushes the words out
They cannot be found

It is difficult for me to write poetry in the moment. Much of my work is from the view of another person, often hypothetical, or it is only an expression of theory — sort of a sloppy way of presenting philosophy. Recently, I’ve been attempting to put some more emotion in my poetry, and its been difficult to say the least. on the 6th, I found to get the feeling that I had at 3 am, after waking from a dream. Though my heart felt it would burst out of my chest, I could not find the words to describe the experience. It seems that I need a calmer mind to write, however remembered and observed emotions are not as intense as those moments of passion. I fear that I will never learn to write when my heart is only able to feel… instead I’ll wait and listen to my heart.


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