Reading Psalm 46

A morning filled with reading
The heart remembering trouble
Praying until trouble seems forgotten
Sometimes an hour of silence is not enough

The heart remembers places of refuge
The eyes seeing the world topple around us
Hearing the words of fear day after day
Falling victim to the culture of fear

Counting money the heart once felt safe
But work ended, and the safety ceased
Hearing news of economic upheaval
The mountain fortress of a full bank account is thrown into the sea

The eyes see relationships fail all around
Promises broken, hearts ripped out
The heart feels safety in love
Yet betrayal is a reality of life

There is talk of safety in government
Yet there is no unity of ideals
Lines are drawn, hostilities arise
There seems more hate than refuge

The Lord is my refuge and strength
He is loving unchanging and unfailing
He does everything to raise us out of our trouble
Reaching out to the desperate who’s last refuge failed

Boarders change
Nations fall
The whole world might be destroyed
The Lord’s refuge remains firm

Be still and Know God
Be safe within God’s love
Let Him bring peace instead of conflict
Experience Him above the changing world

Let Christ demonstrate his presence
Let Him speak words of Love to the Soul
Let Him show a better way to live
Bringing a little heaven into a chaotic world


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