Amazing Grace

Tears fill the eyes
Goodbye is sometimes unsaid
The heart is left to remember the past
Sometimes remembered pain hurts no less

Remembering what it is to believe
Feeling that there is something bigger than self
Filled with faith because there was a reason for life
Always believing that good life was built from faith

Feeling a passion for the good in the world
Wishing to see everything remade
Praying for redemption to renew all that was broken
Ready to lend a hand in rebuilding a broken world

Would the heart leave such dreams for love?
When asked, the heart said ‘no’
Knowing that there were others who shared great dreams
Never fearing anything but lost faith

Taught to respect and trust,
Trust broken, the heart is also broken
Seeing faith used as a weapon
Truth as a tool to spread lies

Would the heart leave such dreams?
Such dreams proven false
After trying and failing again and again
The heart is ready to accept any other offer

The heart is broken
Without faith, hope, or love
Anger replaces passion
Love is only understood in terms of hurt

How can one who wishes good only see hurt?
Words and deeds showing nothing but pain.
Even the desire to show sympathy is corrupted
Every touch brings more suffering

Yet faith is believing in redemption
Christ comes not for the healthy but the sick
Only the desperate need salvation
Amazing grace restores faith hope and love


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