Reading, studying, and packing

The eyes study the books on the shelves
Knowing that many books are worth reading
Titles fill the mind
Choosing which are worth reading

There is a need to use time
Time with family and with friends
Time to remember the studies of the past
A reminder of what once was

The eyes see old grammars of dead languages
Dictionaries and references
Libraries crossing many volumes
Textbooks on specific skills

So much to read, so many choices to make
Space is a limited resource
There is so much that is unknown
Soon knowledge will be tested

The eyes view boxes
The space seems too little to match the needs
It seems painful to leave so much behind
It seems a duty to carry luggage

The past gives strength to the future
The worst of times made better times possible
Failure when compromising makes dreams possible
Life itself drives the future

So many books will be put away
The next life requires a new library
Much of the past will be used again
So often the healer must first be wounded

There is but a little time to review the past
Packing up what is required for the future


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