Sitting in silent prayer
Waiting until the mind’s chatter stops
Listening and hoping to receive a message
Not knowing if the study applies to this week

It seems that hours pass
Reading Greek and parsing verbs
Seeking meaning that is under the surface
Hoping to share Truth so that others can see

Praying to know the center of the message
Words that speak to the condition of those who hear
The heart did receive a message already
Yet the received message spoke to the student’s condition

Excitement builds as learning takes place
The scholar better understands God’s revelation to humanity
The Human experience shows itself
Something speaks to this reader’s experience

Still prayer goes to the Father
More listening to silence takes place
What is the message for these others?
Lord, if I am expected to speak, what should I say?

Prayer continues until it is time to climb the pulpit
The speaker hopes he speaks in obedience to the Holy Spirit


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