Reading poetry

The eyes see the words of another
Passion and beauty
A few words expressing a moment
Suddenly the reader is lost in the passion

Joy and suffering
laughter and tears
Grief and new hope
Shared life is shared everything

Tears fall from loneliness
Some days are seeking but never finding
Not quite seeing the end of the tunnel
Feeling that hope exists to invite disappointment

There is the anticipation of joy
The desire to count moments
Learning that the goal always advances
Every moment learning that it is not achieved

Sometimes wanting is better than having
Sometimes its best to want what one haves
Is it better to be ambitious or content?
Is it worse to be frustrated or complacent?

The eyes see passion
Passion speaks to both joy and suffering
The human heart burns
All of emotion found in each

Reading the words of another poet
Hoping to match the passion of the words


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