The mind is full of prayer
The status is critical
Life or death is unknown
Anxious prayers continue

What is God’s will?
Could God’s will be painful —
Everyone dies someday,
Could today be the time?

Why do I pray?
To call on God to change the situation?
To submit so that God can change myself?
The moment is critical!

People die, and communities die
What is the sign of a dying community?
What can be done to reform?
What damage comes from the walking dead?

The moment is critical,
These hands cannot change the outcome
This person is too small to make a difference,
the only thing to do is pray


2 comments on “Waiting

  1. amazing words, powerful poem, many questions yet we can only pray that there will be answers appearing, and we can go on waiting, thank for sharing such a wonderful poem =)

  2. hoiden says:

    wonderful poem…i pray that u keep writing:)

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