Call for prayer

A note to the readers who say prayers for me… mostly friends of mine.

Pray for the meeting about my future at ESR… both school, and a rather substantial scholarship is at stake… I need both to continue. The decision will be made in the last week of this month.

Pray for my finances. I would like to have $1000 more than I have right now. Additionally, I have not figured out a source of income when I start classes — this will be especially difficult during my internship.

Pray for the Yearly Meeting Sessions at Mid America Yearly Meeting on Thursday 22. This year, one of our oldest, largest, and most active meetings withdrew from the Yearly meeting to the surprise of everyone. We have no policy for leaving the Yearly Meeting, only for closures. Among other business, we will discuss a formal protocol for this process. Unfortunately, this is a rather emotional issue, and I fear a divisive spirit. Pray that there is instead a spirit of charity and for wisdom.


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