Abandoned dreams

The heart is uncertain
Ready to surrender a loss
Trading hope for hopelessness
It is not necessary to live in failure

The heart wishes to continue the fight
Needing to know that something is accomplished
Afraid to accept defeat
Afraid to become meaningless

They eyes see what was once home
The hands touch, but cannot effect
It seems that there is just the effect of a ghost
Dreams are so difficult to abandon

It is so difficult to dream small
To hope to make change in the hearts of a few
The needs of the few are always put aside
Power hides its face from the Truth

The eyes see and the heart fears
God does not respect Human differences
Man has no respect for God
Speaking evil in His Holy name

Where do the faithful pray?
What is the state of the stranger?
Who is invited in?
Do any honor the commands of Christ?

The heart mourns as dreams must be abandoned
Yet, it seems time to shake dust from the feet


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